Certification Renewal

CLFC certified consultants must complete ongoing certification requirements in order to maintain certification. These requirements meeting the minimum required number of Participation and Coursework Points as well as taking and passing the CFLC exam*. All requirements must be completed by the expiration date in order to avoid certification expiration. All fees are non-refundable. The CFLC certification is valid for three years.

*Only certified consultants that did not take the CFLC exam upon applying are required to take the exam.

Apply to Renew the CFLC Credential


Beginning November 1, 2018, FEWA professional members in good standing applying for the CFLC credential will be required to take and pass the CFLC Qualification Exam. The exam will test expert knowledge of the FEWA Core Program. Upon submitting your application, the National Office will contact you to begin the exam process. A passing score of at least 70% is required to proceed with the CFLC application process. Please contact the National Office with any questions regarding the CFLC exam. 

Renewal Certification Fees

To maintain CFLC certification, certified consultants pay a fee of $295 for a three year period. Certified consultants must also pay a $50 renewal application fee as well as a $50 exam fee. CFLC certified consultants will receive notices and reminders alerting them to the requirement and providing instructions for submitting payment.

CFLC and Continuing Education

Every three years, CFLC certified consultants must complete the CFLC education and participation requirement and submit a certification renewal fee. Certified consultants may submit Non-FEWA credit hours to meet this requirement, if approved.

CFLC Renewal Requirements:
  • CFLC Certified Consultant in good standing (FEWA Professional Member)

  • CFLC Renewal Application

  • Minimum 15 Points CFLC Education/Coursework Credit

  • Minimum 15 Points CFLC Participation Credit

  • $50 Renewal Application Fee

  • $50 Exam Fee* 

  • $295 Renewal Fee (3 year period)

*Exam fee is only required if certified consultant did not complete CFLC exam upon applying. 

Apply to Renew the CFLC Credential