Participation and Coursework Points Approval Guidelines

FEWA members are individually responsible for tracking and reporting certification credits, obtaining approval and reporting compliance with certification requirements. All courses shall be submitted to the FEWA National Office for approval and inclusion in the CFLC course register. Certification credits may be earned in any of the following venues: 

  1. National conference participation is highly encouraged and allows a more rapid accumulation of needed credits.
  2. Local Chapter involvement is expected of Professional Members. Educational events presented can be used as credit (courses shall be approved for credit by FEWA).
  3. FEWA governance involvement is encouraged and is credit worthy because it offers exposure to top experts from different markets and broadens one's depth of industry knowledge and access to other top experts. 
  4. Qualifying Credit Courses - FEWA will maintain a list of approved FEWA educational courses. 
    • FEWA Chapter and National courses/meetings/workshops shall include "Approved for CFLC Certification Credit by FEWA" as of January 1, 2015.
    • Non-FEWA courses that have been state bar accredited or have other similar accreditation shall be eligible for credit. 
      • Members may submit non-FEWA coursework for approval provided they meet the objectives of the Core Program. The Credentialing Committee is responsible for approving the course(s) to meet the Participation and Coursework Points requirements. A completed coursework approval form and fee payment is required for the Credentialing Committee to evaluate a request for approval.